Low Frequency, High Conviction Quant Advice for Portfolio Managers

Axio Quant is Different

How can a quant system help me beat the market if everyone's getting the same signals?
Leave the world of multi-factor screening behind and enter Axio Quant's complete alpha system for professional investors
Axio is Different
A new value strategy
Based on two new factors proprietary to Axio Quant, we have developed a new Value Strategy that can identify turning points in bombed out stocks and momentum names set to de-rate.
Axio is Different
A new low frequency, high conviction timing factor
We have developed a new timing factor that reduces turnover and improves portfolio performance, giving an average time between a Buy and a Sell signal close to one year
Axio is Different
A new sector allocation and market timing approach
Axio has created a sector allocation approach that enables us to give a unique perspective on portfolio construction and market timing
Axio is Different
Fully systematic conviction buy and sell lists
By combining our proprietary sector allocation approach with our low frequency stock picking model we identify a short-list Conviction Buys and Sells

What we do at Axio Quant

Long-Short and Long Only Portfolio Advice

We provide hedge fund and long-only investors with stock selection and equity portfolio advice. We have 3,000 stocks already in our system, and if a stock you own isn't in there, we'll simply add it.

In-depth Insights for CIO, PMs and Research Analysts

Axio's alpha system combines the best from the world of quantitative analysis with in-depth factors based on fundamentals. That is why we can service professional investors across your organization.

Video research on-demand on your stocks

If you're looking at a stock and want clear, definitive advice on how it looks from a quant perspective, you click a button and we send you a video on it.

Who We Are

Who we are
Leo Vicars
Co-founder and CEO
Leo has over 20 years' experience of equity analysis, spanning fundamental sector research, special situations (M&A etc.) and quantitative analysis. He has worked at bulge bracket firms as well as specialist research boutiques in roles from Sales-Trading to Head of Research. His breadth of experience and passion for innovation led him to one place: starting Axio Quant.
Who we are
Guy Langston
Co-founder and CTO
Guy's passion for tech and coding dates back to his childhood where he wrote his first operating system aged 11. After winning a Start-up competition in his final year studying Computer Science at Cape Town University he started his own company and he has continued as an entrepreneur ever since. He is a full-stack developer and software architect who specializes in building complex calculation engines that manipulate big data source.