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AxioQuant can design and build a personalised quant trading model for you that systematically leverages your trading style based on your specific investment mandate

How it works

With more than two decades of experience building bespoke software for professional discretionary investors, we can build you a personalized quant model to leverage your unique trading style

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Step 1: Define your trading style and space

Just tell us about your investible universe, mandate constraints, and sources of data and we'll translate that into a systematic trading strategy

Step 2: Sit back while we develop the quant model prototype

Based on your inputs from step 1, we'll build a prototype model and backtest the signals created by the model to show you how much of your trading strategy can by captured systematically

Step 3: Test and optimize your strategy

Once you're happy with the prototype created in Step 2, we then explore variations with carefully constructed 'as seen at the time' backtests to simulate how tweaking the parameters within the digital twin of your strategy can affect returns and volatility


CEO and Founder: Leo Vicars

Leo has been designing and building bespoke quant models for over two decades. Distinct from high-frequency algo trading, this specialty involves extensive experience building bespoke trading models using relatively small data sets (thousands or millons not billions of data points). The output is actionable alpha-enhancing trading signals customized for  professional investors focussing on specific subsets of the equity market


31-33 High Holborn, London, WC1V 6AX

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